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Nathalie Geyer: Vocals
Frenzy Philippon: Guitar
Sylvain Ebersoldt: Guitar
Florian Trug: Bass
Vince Koehler: Drums
Origin: Strasbourg, France
Genres: Heavy Metal
Years Active: 1982 – Present
Label: Various


The foundation of Mystery Blue dates back to 1982 by the guitarist Frenzy Philippon, shortly after which the band quickly became a household name in the world of Heavy Metal as a result of the release of two successful albums, the eponymous debut LP “Mystery Blue” (via Axe Killer Records), followed by “Circle Of Shame” (via Dream Records/CBS).

Throughout their years of relentless touring, the band have graced the stage alongside legends and big guns such as Motörhead, Def Leppard, Saxon, Vengeance, and their fellow countrymen H-Bomb and Satan Jokers amongst many others, which came to a close as they went on hiatus at the end of the 80s.

In 1996, guitarist and founder Frenzy reformed Mystery Blue with the exceptional vocalist Nathalie Geyer, shortly followed by releasing their third album “Spirit Of Your Song”. In 1998 they recruited Vince Koehler on drums who will soon become more than just a fantastic powerful drummer for the band, the hard core of Mystery Blue was born! Besides Frenzy, Nathalie and Vince, Mystery Blue is today composed of Sylvain Ebersoldt on second guitar and Florian Trug on bass.

Since their reformation, Mystery Blue have powered through Europe opening for bands such as Girlschool, David DeFeis -Virgin Steele, Rock Bitch, Rebellion, Paragon, Wolf, ADX, Nightmare and Destruction, as well as having played at big festivals such as the Headbangers Open Air, Swordbrothers, Metal Forces Festival in Germany, the Tilburg Headbangers Fest in Holland, the Dark & Green Metal Fest in Spain, the Underwall in Croatia and the Paris Metal France festival.

In parallel, the musicians of Mystery Blue keep on honing their song-writing talents, striving for each new album to be an artistic improvement and a decisive step forward in comparison to the previous effort. They certainly achieved this goal with the release of “Metal Slaves” (Steelheart Records) in 2004, an album that was lauded by critics and Classic-Metal aficionados alike, and have enjoyed brisk sales.

In 2006 the band signed with Mausoleum Records for the album “Claws Of Steel” produced by Achim Köhler (Brainstorm, Sacred Steel, Primal Fear).  In 2009, with the same producer, “Hell & Fury” was released via Bernett Records.  In 2012 the musicians returned to the studio to record their 7th album “Conquer The World” produced by Uwe Lulis (Accept, Grave Digger, Rebellion).  In 2015, as a special treat for their true fans, Mystery Blue released a collector DVD with live extracts and video clips retracing the band’s history under the name “A Journey Through Time – 30 Years in Metal”.

After many years of touring, and some incredible festival & show appearances under their belt, Mystery Blue have released in 2016 their first live album “Live… Made in Europe” including a bonus DVD and last October they had the great pleasure and honour to tour UK and Europe with the Canadian legends ANVIL

…Today True Metal doesn’t get any better than MYSTERY BLUE. Get ready to bleed!

  • MYSTERY BLUE Comic by Jean-Paul Toulouse
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  • Illustration de BERP parue dans Odym’etal


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